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Looking for a dumpster? We are cheaper


  • You only pay for the space filled. YOU SAVE MONEY!!!

  • If we fill a whole truck and you still have more, we will bring you another truck and still only charge for the space filled.

  • Our guys lift and load it for FREE!!! There's no catch!

  • No restrictions or additional surcharges for items like mattresses, boxsprings, appliances, etc.

  • Same day local service available on most days.

  • HOA Approved!


  • You pay for the whole thing whether you fill it or not.

  • If you run out of space in your dumpster, you have to order another whole dumpster even if you won't fill it up all the way.

  • You have to lift and load everything yourself.

  • You can't put mattresses or box-springs in them, and if you can, there are probably surcharges.

  • Same day drop off and pick up not available.

  • Most HOA's require pre-approval.

Check out our junk removal pricing page and see for yourself!!!

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