Small Demolition and Removal

Sometimes there's the one project that just never gets done because it's just too much for one person or you don't have the right tools for the job. Your Junk Guys is here to take on some of your most challenging junk removal tasks. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and manpower to take down and dispose of your old fences, playground/swing sets, outdoor sheds and much more. 

Removing and old swing set, shed, or fence is a big project and even after they are torn down the disposal is a job in itself. Our junk hauling trucks have more than enough room for your disposal/recycling needs, and the best thing? We do ALL the loading for you. We are the demo and disposal company all wrapped in one. Looking for junk removal help in Cobb, Cherokee or North Fulton counties? Look no further than Your Junk Guys for your light demolition and junk removal needs.

In 3 easy steps we can be Your Junk Guys!

Step 1: Call or Book Online your junk removal appointment today!

Step 2: Our demo and haul-away crew will call 15-30 minutes prior to your two hour appointment window.

Step 3: Upon arrival simply point and show our crew what you would like removed and they will do all the work for you.

Let us demo and remove junk for you. "Let us be Your Junk Guys!"


Below is a list of some of the demolition and removal projects we take on:

  • Gazebo Demo & Removal
  • Deck Demo & Removal
  • Swing Set/Playground Demo & Removal